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My Music


EMBODIMENT awakening to essence through sound  


the source:

These musical notes and movements often came to me with their corresponding energies as gentle visitors from another dimension.  They have embraced me, taught me, and inspired me, and continue to do so.  Their awakened consciousness has fully collaborated in the development of this music that intensely calls to be a felt experience and foster a new consciousness on the earth.

the essence:

May you enjoy these musical creations.  May they bless you with whatever your heart and soul are yearning for, as you actively engage with their consciousness and allow them to resonate with your unique essence at a cellular level.  May we all walk together on this journey, sharing a vision for peace and love among all beings.

the embodiment:

The listener is invited to become familiar with and experience this guided meditation prior to listening to the music in order to create an inner sacred space:

 "As I enter the woods with a sense of awe and a heart overflowing, I feel warmly embraced by the essence of nature.  Leaves crackling under my feet as I walk, birds singing, chipmunks scurrying about, and crickets sounding in the background all beckon my attention.  As I arrive at my beloved stream, I send blessings to all the water that sustains the universe, and that sustains all of us.  I climb a narrow path that leads to a boulder that has become my companion on these walks.  Peering out at the trees, I experience myself as one of them, feeling my spine as a tree trunk, taking in the energy and sustenance of the glorious sun, being touched and moved by the gentle breezes.  I hear an occasional twig falling in synchrony with the wind.  As I relish in the pauses amongst the myriad of sounds, I become astutely aware that we are all one, cooperating in this magnificent symphony of life.  I become conscious that these same elements of which I am in awe, exist also within my own body.  As I feel into the connectedness between the inner and outer, my being opens wide to divine essence.  I relax into this space, feeling a lightness, joy, gratitude, and love that my spirit has chosen this body at this time to be alive on earth.  I luxuriate in this precious, sacred space, feeling my body as a magnet, connecting the heavens and the earth."


This CD is available to current clients free of charge.  For others wishing to purchase, please go to http://cdbaby.com/cd/sharonfreedman3.

For more information on how to use this music as a tool for personal and planetary evolution, please go to www.embodimentthemusic.com.




1.  Essence of Creation



2.  Essence of Earth



3.  Essence of Water



4.  Essence of Fire



5.  Essence of Air



6.  Essence of Ether






7.  Essences Merging



8.  Essence of Magic






 9.   Essence of Being



10.  Essence of Joy



11.  Essence of Love





This CD is available to current clients free of charge.  For others wishing to purchase, please go to http://cdbaby.com/cd/sharonfreedman3.

For more information on how to use this music as a tool for personal and planetary evolution, please go to http://embodimentthemusic.com



piano solos

My musical journey began twenty three years ago in Hawaii.  I was interning at the Veterans Administration in clinical psychology and working with traumatized veterans and survivors of Hurrican Iniki.  In this sacred and beautiful setting, musical notes and rhythmic patterns began to come to me as though gifts from the cosmos.  The process of interacting with this music awakened my soul to what I have come to know as "Joyous Presence," which I experience as that place where emotions, nature, and the spirit world dance together. Whatever my issues and feelings of the day, this became my way of opening up to a larger presence that is beyond place and time. The thirteen pieces on this CD, individually and as a whole, represent my journeys to this place of presence.

It is this presence that I encourage my clients to seek.  I believe that in knowing and returning to this place, one accesses greater resources to cope with daily struggles.  In this manner, the unfolding of one's potential happens in the most natural way.  It is my hope that this CD will assist you in touching that place within yourself and ultimately accelerating your own healing and evolution.

                  1. Angel Gratitude  4:05 - Click here to download this full track for free!
                  2. Kaena Point  3:46
                  3. Lost in Tibet  2:49
                  4. Words, Words, Words  3:17
                  5. Almost Home  3:01
                  6. Souls Flying  3:43
                  7. A Crack in the Road  3:57
                  8. Safe Landing 3:38
                  9. Release 2:45
                10. Millennium 5:04
                11. Newborn Love 2:09
                12. Maya 2:55
                13. Heels on the Ground 2:28

This CD is available to clients free of charge upon request. Others wishing to purchase this CD, please go to www.cdbaby.com/cd/sharonfreedman2.  All proceeds generated from the sale of this CD are donated to Women for Women International (www.womenforwomen.org), whose mission is to "provide women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with the tools and resources to move from crisis to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil societies."




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