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My practice flows from a deep belief that we all have an innate orientation towards health, healing, and wholeness, and in turn, the expression of our full potential. We may experience, however, blocks in the form of thoughts, feelings, and/or bodily symptoms that cause significant distress, interfering with our ability to function optimally and to access our inner resources and sense of authenticity. This may express itself in the form of overwhelming feelings such as depression, anxiety, and/or rage; disordered eating and body image; flashbacks and/or other symptoms of unprocessed traumatic experiences; or other signs that we have lost touch with the fullness of who we are.   

As a Clinical Psychologist who has traveled extensively and has been in practice for over 20 years, I blend Western, Eastern, and Hawaiian understandings of the self, using techniques such as EMDR (EMDRIA-Certified Practitioner), Somatic Experiencing (SEP Certificate), Imagery, Ego State therapy, Dreamwork, and Mindfulness.

As your therapist, I partner with you on your journey, examining what has gotten in your way.  I assist you in using your symptoms as guideposts to help shift you towards a greater sense of balance and wholeness, with the goal of enhancing your everyday functioning. This entails catalyzing your innate ability to understand yourself, to grow and heal, to express yourself, to achieve balance, and to love. Treatments range from very short term to long term, depending on your symptoms, personal history, and goals.


Lotus flowers begin as small flowers at the bottom of a pond.  Amazingly, they grow in mud and muck slowly toward the light, until they surface from beneath the water.  After they emerge, the lotus flower will bloom, becoming a thing of grace and beauty.  "Isn't it true that all of us have the strength to grow in dark, murky places and strive, overcoming obstacles, until we emerge radiant and beautiful?" Dr. Christiane Northrup



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